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About Us

The Craftsmanship blend.
The power of authenticity.
US Gloves, empowering power moves since 1878.

Pioneers in the world of golf gloves.

USG embarked on its journey in 1878, establishing roots in the capital of the glove industry, Gloversville, New York. From the outset, we were fated to be synonymous with all things gloves. Our foray into the glove industry was guided by a singular vision – to create a glove as diverse as your swing. In an era where 90% of gloves were proudly American-made, each intricately crafted by various manufacturers retained its distinctiveness.

What makes USG gloves so distinct? 

- Unconventional contemporary edge
Rigorous innovation, paired with intricate stitching embedded with modern technology defines the core of USG today.

- Meticulous detailing
Every glove is cut in its own versatile manner, shaped by our skilled ‘glove-cutter’ ensuring a snug fit and impeccable form. Never an inch here or there.

- The embodiment of authenticity 
Our commitment to authenticity endures; even in the 21st century, USG golf gloves are crafted from the finest Cabretta sheepskin that adorned the gloves of distinguished individuals in the USA way back in the 19th century.

Vision & Mission : 
To be every golfer's glove. Every piece of USG is made with one thought - Precision in every stitch.

At USG, we are dedicated to making gloves that feel like an extension of you. To be your golf buddy and the perfect swing companion. A golf glove, to us, is more than an accessory,  it's a second skin meticulously designed for performance and to elevate your golfing experience.

With a history and legacy spanning over a century, we've been at the forefront of glove innovation.From pioneering the introduction of  Velcro to our gloves to patenting our first ever commercially successful golf glove, "Shorty," ,our exclusive golf glove collection is designed to redefine the future of golf gloves.

The first movers: Journey of innovation at USG 

- The first to introduce velcro in golf gloves.

In the 1960s, Velcro was introduced under the brand Star-grip, a brand of USG gloves. Velcro reinforces the perfect fit with its secure and adjustable closure system.

- The first ever golf glove was a modified dress glove, of suede.

In the 1920s, a glove user of Saks 5th Avenue once shared with us how he couldn’t grip his golf club in the rain. We heard and worked on it and that marked the birth of the first suede golf glove. It’s the best rain glove even today.

- The first, to patent a commercially successful golf glove, “the shorty” in 1936.

In a world full of glove manufacturers, we believed our gloves must make-a-difference. Hence, our fine craftsmanship was rewarded in 1936 when we patented the first commercially successful golf glove, the “shorty”. It came with an open back and a band of “Snugtex” laid across the palm.

Where are we located?

Nestled in Johnstown, the sister city of Gloversville, the USG headquarters houses our distribution center and cutting-edge research and development center. Our establishment in this historic city serves as a testament to the legacy and heritage of exquisite craftsmanship.

This relentless pursuit of innovation remains a hallmark of our brand. Our unwavering commitment to the study of leather, synthetic leather, and their intricate processes has propelled us to the invention of leather technologies :

GRAFLEX™, infused with graphite for durability.

TRITAN™, the pioneering fully machine-washable and dryable golf leather.

Aloetan, features aloe-impregnated leather for smooth hand maintenance.

SUPERTAC™ boasts an incredibly grippy surface.

Our latest addition, “TOUCH” leather designed for compatibility with touch screens.


Revolutionizing collaboration: Cutting-edge partnership with India and Indonesia 

The influx of thousands of first-generation craftsmen from England, Germany, and Italy marked a transformative moment in Gloversville's glove industry. These artisans, bearing illustrative skills, enriched our craft but eventually sought more lucrative opportunities. The ensuing labor shortage played a pivotal role in Gloversville's glove industry decline, leaving only a few U.S. manufacturers producing less intricate work gloves.

Crafting a truly exceptional glove demands a labor intensive and challenging process, mastering techniques and skills. In the 1970s, USG Gloves, driven by the pursuit of perfection, expanded globally, establishing state-of-the-art partner factories in Indonesia and India. These nations boast a rich history and tradition of fine needlecraft. With a workforce exceeding 1500,  rigorous inspections and quality tests conducted by independent authorities ensure adherence to the highest global social and safety standards.

Take a piece of our golf history with you. Our golf gloves are built with precision, craftsmanship and command a second look.