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Warm Fit (Pair)


Color: Grey

The winter essential to sleigh your swings!
Let your hands lounge in the serenity of the USG warm fit golf gloves. Articulated with natural leather suede, a material that helps in adequate airflow and keeps the moisture away. Equipped with nylon wrist cuffs, an addition designed for warmth inside-out with a super snuggly fit.

- Soft. Premium. Comfortable.
- Natural leather suede
- Nylon wrist cuffs
- Solid grip strength
- Designed for winter wear
- Warm and moisture resistant
- For beginners +professionals

Care information

Only Hand Wash | Spot Clean | Air Dry

No Machine Washed | Machine Dry.

Warmth Wonder

Comfortable with an abundance of warmth, the natural leather suede is winter-ready for every swing.

Winter Essential

Nylon wrist cuffs on a glove that is made to grip the cold and swing bold.


Layered with natural leather suede and nylon wrist cuffs, "the warm fit" golf glove accessory is scuplted for the winter season. The natural leather suede ensures a soft and snug fit, keeping your hands luxuriously comfortable. Its innate ability to retain warmth makes it your ideal companion in the chilly weather. The leather suede's natural breathability acts as a shield, keeping moisture out and your hands delightfully dry. These golf gloves go beyond the ordinary – they breathe better, come with moisture wicking properties, and elevate your grip strength in cold weather.

The nylon wrist cuff creates an insulating barrier for added warmth. Conquer the cold with confidence, the warm fit golf gloves are designed for your winter golfing adventures. Command the cold with the "warm-fit" gloves grip strength.

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