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Color: Pearl

For a swing that feels like a breeze. The Powermesh golf glove is specially designed with Hydrolyte® microfiber synthetic in the palm region and nylon open mesh on the back. Rigourosly perforated, moisture wicking and an exceptional breathability makes the powermesh what it is. The stretch fabric inserts in between the finger, supports movement flexibility while gripping your club.

- Soft. Premium. Comfortable.
- Inbuilt Hydrolyte® microfiber synthetic technology
- Nylon open mesh
- Light-weight cool glove
- Robust grip
- Breathable perforations
- For beginners +professionals

Care information

Only Hand Wash | Spot Clean | Air Dry

No Machine Washed | Machine Dry.

Cool Comfort

A generous nylon open mesh and inbuilt Hydrolyte® microfiber synthetic reinterprets cool comfort.


A strategically designed glove to make every swing feather-like with a consistent and confident grip.


A contemporary classic, the Powermesh golf glove makes a captivating statement. A golf glove that pushes its boundaries with a blend of inbuilt Hydrolyte® microfiber synthetic and nylon open mesh making it one of the best golf gloves in USA. Delivering a strong, confident grip with optimal airflow, the Hydrolyte® microfiber synthetic in the palm region is the quintessence of grip and exceptional breathability.
An effortless assimilation of a consistent grip and style.

The structuring of the nylon open mesh at the back becomes a sanctuary of cool comfort. It monitors the moisture, making it swiftly move away from the hands offering a cooling sensation. The US Powermesh golf glove is moisture resistant and embodies comfort with a flair. The stretch fabric inserts in the finger region serve as the finer nuances. This enhances the Powermesh golf gloves with unparalled flexible movement while gripping your golf club.

It isn't just a golf accessory but an innovative golf product with cutting-edge USG technology. Swing it like you mean it!

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