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Hydro Grip (Pair)


Color: Grey

The rain maestro, the Aquafit golf glove protects you in the wet-weather.
Illustrated in microfibre suede, the Aquagrip comes with a breathable fabric at the back, an amalgamation that results in moisture resistant gloves with a sturdy grip.

- Soft. Premium. Comfortable.
- Quick dry microfibre suede
- Breathable perforations
- Robust grip
- Moisture resistant
- For beginners +professionals

Care information

Only Hand Wash | Spot Clean | Air Dry

No Machine Washed | Machine Dry.

Hydro Protector

The moisture resistant Aquafit golf glove is designed to reign supreme in the wet weather.

Grip Guardian

Microfibre suede, the element that lends the Aquafit golf glove, a grip strength that endures all weather conditions.


The wet weather commands a glove that is moisture resistant, enables a quick drying process with a super tensile strength. The USG Aquafit is a premium golf glove made to support and empower golfers in the wet-weather season. Engineered with microfibre suede, a careful craftmanship detail that enabled the creation of a golf glove with a robust grip and swift drying capabilties in all weather conditions. An innovative and light-weight golf apparel.

Venturing beyond the surface, the ingenious integration of a breathable fabric on the back along with the mircofibre suede elevates the Aquafit golf glove to a league of its own. Redefining flexibility, the USG Aquafit features a contour fit. A meticulous design and combination that built a glove with unwavering durability.

In the realm of high-performing golf gloves, the US Aquafit golf glove emerges as the armour of power and defence in adverse weather conditions. An austere glove made for a swing that never lets it rain on your parade!

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